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Young Alina Ibragimova plays young Mendelssohn, violin Concerto, Hyperion.

Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos

Mendelssohn wrote a lesser-known violin concerto in D minor (1822)  when he was only thirteen, the young violinist Alina Ibragimova (born 28 September 1985)  is playing a portrayal in itself of the music’s passion held in control through exquisite craft.  For the  most popular and admired of all of Mendelssohn’s compositions,  the Violin Concerto in E minor Op. 64 (1844),  Ibragimova has a glittering, knife-edge performance.  And with Mendelssohn’s other juvenile works, all the music is superbly performed and is a perfect additional to any collection.

1. Allegro molto appassinato (Violin Concerto in E minor Op. 64)
2. Andante
3. Allegretto non troppo-Allegro molto vivace
4. Overture The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave) Op. 26
5. Allegro (Violin Concerto in D minor)
6. Andante
7. Allegro