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The New York Phil’s in-residence-composer Magnus Lindberg on Dacapo Classical

Magnus Lindberg (born 27 June 1958)  is a Finnish composer and pianist. He now is the New York Philharmonic’s composer-in-residence. In a new partnership between Dacapo Records and the New York Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic has brokered a deal with Dacapo to record works by composers who have served as the New York Philharmonic’s composer-in-residence. The first results arrive in June with a disc featuring three sizeable orchestral tapestries by the Finn Magnus Lindberg: his Piano Concerto No 2, Al largo and Expo. Gilbert conducted the latter piece during his first concert as the New York Philharmonic’s music director in September 2009, but the recording took place during more recent sessions in New York. In a further collaboration with New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the discs will stand apart from Dacapo’s usual and much-praised visual design style by using artworks from the museum’s collection on its covers, beginning with Absent Objects by Anish Kapoor, which adorns the cover of the Lindberg disc.