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The April Fools to classical music

Knitting with Nancarrow

Warner Classics were quick off the mark with its announcement of a new set of recordings “in response to the needs of real classical music lovers day-to-day”. Genuinely a little disappointed that ‘Knitting with Nancarrow’ isn’t going to be making it onto the market, though…

The canine concerts

Too long neglected as a serious classical music audience, this New York theatre decided to cater directly to its furry friends. Take a bow, Miller Theatre, this is absolutely superb. The thing is, we kind of want to attend.

Kings’ College chapel gets a revamp

The Choir of Cambridge’s most iconic chapel announced “a substantial redevelopment” to its home on Facebook. Complete with a grass roof for increased grazing…

Radical Past, Eco-Friendly Future: announcing “Henry VI: the 500th Anniversary Project”.In celebration of the 500th…

Posted by Choir of King’s College, Cambridge on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Having a ball…

The Royal Opera House unveiled plans to turns its orchestra pit into a giant ball pit. This idea should totally survive beyond 1 April – let’s get a petition going.

Cloning the greats…

America’s WQXR ran a story which explained that “in a groundbreaking development” scientists have taken genetic material to make clones of the great opera singers of the past “including the legendary soprano Birgit Nilsso”. So sort of like Jurassic Park . But with sopranos instead of velociraptors.

A new concert hall for London

Blogger Jessica Duchen riffed on the recent news surrounding a possible new concert hall for London with this story – in which it’s announced that Birmingham’s Symphony Hall will be moving to the capital.

The Royal Albert Hall gets a Beatles in its bonnet

The Royal Albert Hall claimed to have “discovered” a letter signed by someone called ‘Ernest O’Folliper’ showing the executive at the time was furious that the building had been name-checked by The Beatles.