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Szymanowski’s new release SACD, Symphonies Nos.1 & 2 on Lso Live

Polish composer and pianist Karol Szymanowski is considered one of the greatest Polish composers of the 20th century, and recognized as one of Poland’s greatest musical figures. Szymanowski’s better known works is his four symphonies, this Symphonies Nos.1 & 2 both unconventional in style and format, make for an enthralling listening experience and provide insight into Szymanowski’s ecstatic musical character. His first symphony is drenched in evocative Romanticism and is an extremely powerful and emotionally intense composition. His second, a chamber-like work, artfully interweaves layer upon layer of seemingly disparate musical ideas to form a complex tapestry that became one of the composer’s favorite of his own works.