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Singers are being invited to join Eric Whitacre’s choir use the internet

Young singers are being invited to use the internet to join a choir, which will premiere during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in partnership with UNICEF. Singers will be asked to learn their individual choral part, film themselves singing it and upload it online, in order to be combined with the other submissions to form a multi-tracked piece.
Despite labelling the project a ‘youth choir’, Whitacre is keen to encourage everyone to get involved in whatever way they can.

“Even if you are over 18, you can be a part of this,” he said. “Parents can encourage their children. Teachers can get their students singing. Older siblings can help their younger brothers and sisters. Together we can make some truly beautiful music and at the same time help make the world a better place for thousands of less fortunate children around the world.”

As yet, the piece to be performed has not been announced, but previous Virtual Choir projects have included a range of different musical styles, from the peaceful Lux Aurumque to a dubstep-inspired electronic choral work, Fly to Paradise. So far, the four Virtual Choir videos have amassed more than 7.5million views since 2010.