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Renée Fleming prepare for her Broadway debut

For her Broadway debut the soprano will appear in a new comedy ‘Living on Love’ by Joe DiPietro in April 2015. Fleming will play the role of an opera singer whose conductor husband falls in love with a ghostwriter he’s hired to pen his autobiography.

“I would have assumed that my only road to Broadway would have been in a musical,” said Fleming. “And I knew that I couldn’t sing eight shows a week — we’re trained in such a different way. Like weightlifters, we need those two days off. So it wasn’t on my list of things to do. Sometimes the most interesting things come out of the blue, in love and in life.”

The play was recently performed at the Williamstown Theater Festival, starring Fleming and Douglas Sills. Fleming has added a bit of improvised singing to her role in the play, but the role is otherwise all spoken.

“Learning how to sing well takes a lifetime of effort. Then putting the singing aside is another whole thing,” she said. “But we want to remain challenged in life, I think. And I’m certainly finding a way to do it.”