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The pictures of Katherine Jenkins’ new single, ‘Dreaming Of The Days’

KJ’s new single, ‘Dreaming Of The Days’, is based on Ludovico Einaudi’s piano classic ‘I Giorni’, and the video will make you want to stand in the rain so no-one can see your tears.

It begins with some kids gambolling merrily in a park

No big deal. They muck about with one of those View-Masters that people used to have in the ’80s. Remember them?

But who was that in the View-Master?

Hi Katherine!

Our favourite Welsh mezzo!

When she’s not presenting radio shows for us , she’s belting out her new songs in glamorous locales. We love Katherine.

Anyway, so these two kids grow up

They get together, they move apart (you can tell because she is in a taxi and looks all distraught). He gives her the View-Master, which is nice. Katherine keeps singing. Everyone is happy-sad.

Meanwhile, Katherine is in some sort of beach villa

Wonder if there’s a swim-up bar?

Then they get even older

They obviously drifted apart, because this woman is now on her own and looking like her life is unfulfilled in general (you can tell because she’s walking aimlessly on the streets and looking into shop windows).


No, Katherine. No. We can’t handle it.


Everyone is so happy. We are so crying.