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The oldest Beethoven recording ever to be released now as a new digital single released

Arthur Nikisch’s historic recording of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, from 1913,  will be issued separately as a brand-new single.

Thought to be the oldest recording ever to be released as a new digital single, the Beethoven, specially remastered from the original master disc, was first issued on shellac 100 years ago, and offers an extraordinary glimpse of performance practice from the beginning of the last century.

“This remarkable single is, quite simply, six minutes of classical music history,” said Deutsche Grammophon label President, Mark Wilkinson. “We are hearing, with fresh ears, music captured by DG engineers when Wilhelm II was German Emperor, King George V ruled the British Empire, Stravinsky was premiering The Rite of Spring in Paris, and Charlie Chaplin was just beginning his film career.”