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‘Mozart 250’ project will launch in 2015 for taking place over 30 years

It has confirmed by classical Opera and conductor Ian Page that they will launch the series of concerts to take place over a 30-year period, beginning next year and celebrating the composer’s 250th anniversary.

Each of Mozart’s major works will be performed in the order that they were composed, meaning that each performance will effectively be a commemoration of the 250th anniversary of its composition.
The launch will focus on Mozart’s first ever trip to London, while surrounding concerts will also take in the works of his composer contemporaries like Gluck, Haydn and Sacchini.

Concerts are currently scheduled to take place in London venues, and will take in Mozart’s major operas, symphonies, concerti and chamber works as well. Works planned for 2017 concerts include the rarely-performed vocal works Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots andApollo et Hyacinthus.

The projected finishing date for the series is in 2041, which would be the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s death.