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Maurizio Pollini‘s Complete Piano Sonatas of Beethoven

Maurizio Pollini  is an Italian classical pianist, his Beethoven Sonatas cycle has reached completion after nearly 40 years.

For the release of the box set, the recordings have been arranged by opus number into a compact 8-CD set, with no duplications of repertoire. Although modest in size, the set stands as a monument of artistic achievement, and a remarkable testimony to an artistic partnership that goes back more than forty years.

He sets standards with his fabulous technique, delivering performances of magisterial weight and coruscating energy. The Beethoven cycle began in June 1975 with opp. 109 and 110, and reached completion this year with the final CD, of the three sonatas op. 31 and the two of op. 49. This latter recording will appear as a single CD simultaneously with the box set
Undoubtedly this is one of the major achievements in recorded history and the first Beethoven cycle on Deutsche Grammophon since those of Barenboim and Giles in the 1980s…