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Leith Hill Place, Vaughan Williams’ family home

Leith Hill Place

Ralph Vaughan Williams’ old house, Leith Hill Place,  opened to the public now.

As it stands, the refurbishment is not yet complete, but visitors could see the house in transition, taking a look at what’s going on behind the scenes. The National Trust is appealing for furniture and musical instruments to use at the house, which might house small-scale concerts in future.

Visitor operations manager Gabrielle Gale said: “Unlike most National Trust houses, Leith Hill Place has not been renovated or interpreted to reflect the time when Ralph Vaughan Williams was living there, but the aim is to reflect much of the house’s interesting historical associations as it stands today.”

Vaughan Williams’ mother Margaret moved into the house when the young composer’s father died suddenly in early 1875. It was his family home until 1895.

The country house in Surrey was given to the National Trust in 1944 by the composer, and has remained a private house since the 1960s.