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Jean Rondeau’s Bach Imagine

There’s a touch of Scott Ross about him. In the early 1970s, the trailblazing American shook up the establishment, appearing at the harpsichord in sneakers and leather jacket. Ross was in his early thirties then. The French virtuoso Jean Rondeau is a good ten years younger and embodies a new generation of classical performers.

Artfully disheveled hair, brazen grin, this baroque prodigy with rock star charisma nabbed the two most prestigious prizes in Harpsichord Land in 2012: the Bruges Competition and the Printemps de Prague. His originality won him the Young Soloist of Les Radios Francophones Publiques for 2014 in Brussels.

Rondeau is also founder of a visionary and experimental group: Note Forget, the Project, in which he explores a fusion of early music and jazz in sweet folly that is immediately accessible and expressive even as it pushes the boundaries.

Jean Rondeau's Bach Imagine
Jean Rondeau’s Bach Imagine