Everyday Rather Live in Classic Eras

“I use it like medicine when I need to be prescribed a certain tone or a certain influence.”Angelina Jolie said Johann Pachelbel

“It’s the complexity of it that I think can keep your mind engaged and helps like a meditation to focus you and spark your mind. Because it has that complexity that makes you think in a different way,” she says.

“So I use it. But I use it like medicine when I need to be prescribed a certain tone or a certain influence.”

Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie is deeply influenced by music – so much so that she says she has to take care over what she listens to.

“Brad actually jokes that I took the music out of his life – which he’ll probably hate me for saying,” Jolie says on this week’s edition of Charlotte Green’s Culture Club (Sunday 3pm).

“Because some people can just turn the radio on all the time, put CDs on all the time, my kids have their earphones in all the time.

“But if I hear a piece of music I will actually be moved towards it,” the actress says. “If it’s very deeply sad I might become more melancholy. If it has a great energy and rhythm and drums behind it, I might feel that extra bit of fight and fire in the day. So I have to be very careful what I put on because I know this about myself.”

Classical music, though, has the effect of helping Jolie calm down.

“I need classical music because I move too fast,” she says. “There’s too much going on all at once and I think that much in my head is quite loud.”

She says she listens to the classics sometimes when she is working, and particularly enjoys the music of Pachelbel.