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How to propose to a classical musician

Get some classical bling

You know how the song goes… If you liked it, then you should have put a kitsch-y, bling-y, violin-y ring on it.

How to propose to a classical musician

DON’T watch opera

While you build up the courage to pop the question you need to ensure you remain in an opera-free zone. Even the smallest dose of Madam Butterfly, La Bohème or The Flying Dutchman will convince you all love will end tragically and that you’d be better off incarcerating yourself in a monastery.

Find the perfect setting

Musos have high standards. If your beloved doesn’t approve of where you pop the question, or the accompanying music, it could be publicly embarrassing, and rather painful. Ukulele. Ouch.

Consider an orchestral concert

No pressure, just a low-key affair – symphony orchestra, parents watching on, and several thousand seated in an auditorium following the heart-wrenching question. No wonder he had a slight quiver in his voice.

If you’re a maestro…

Those years of study, conducting along to Karajan LPs, and score reading classes – all for this fateful moment.

And when you don’t want to be on the podium…

On the other end of orchestral overture spectrum. Behind the basses, even.

Consider an arrangement

Contains the amazing ‘hang on, that’s not in the score!’ moment. How on earth would you notate ‘shock and awe at a life changing question from the tenor section?’

By Kyle Macdonald