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Hilary Hahn’s Mozart 5 & Vieuxtemps 4, new release Violin Concertos on DG

This new album is  two-times Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn’s combining Mozart’ s  Concerto in A, K 219 with its fiery Turkish episode, virtuosic romanticism of Vieuxtemps Violin Concerto No. 4. “Mozart 5 and Vieuxtemps 4 are part of me. They remind me of the rich legacy of classical music and of the wonderful continuity of tradition, yet they are also timeless.” Hilary Hahn said,  “When I play these notes onstage with my colleagues, I don t reflect on the past; I m caught up in the dialogue, looking forward to whatever the next phrase will bring.”

…the most insightful and technically accomplished violinist of our time. –San Francisco Chronicle