Everyday Rather Live in Classic Eras

EMI two new releases in the “Voices of”-series celebrate the greatest voices of French and Russian Opera

Voices of Russian Opera: EMI’s treasury of Russian singers stretches back to the days of the Imperial Opera, with great voices such as Leonid Sobinov and Medea Mei-Figner. No such collection could be complete without the sonorously dark and instantly memorable bass voices of Chaliapin and Christoff, but there is room for many singers now little known, as well as Western singers, such as Lucia Popp and Evelyn Lear, who revealed a special sympathy with this repertoire.

Voices of French Opera: Over a century of EMI recordings from Plançon to Petitbon represents the French lyric tradition at its most refined and personal but there are also non-native singers such as Supervía and Lott who have made the language their own, whether in the formal splendour of Lully, the high drama of Berlioz or the intimate tragedies of Poulenc.