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Along with Elgar Complete Edition being published, two lost songs discovered

English composer Edward William Elgar was rated as “the greatest modern composer” in any country, many of his works have entered the British and international classical concert repertoire. Along with the publishing of the Elgar Complete Edition, two previously unknown songs by Edward Elgar have been discovered during research for the latest volume in an edition of the composer’s work. ‘The Mill Wheel’ and ‘Muleteer’s Serenade’ have never been published before and were believed to have been left unfinished by Elgar. Scholars have been aware of the two songs for some time, as the dates of composition were recorded in Alice Elgar’s diary, some two years apart. ‘The MIll Wheel’ and ‘Muleteer’s Serenade’ now have been published for the first time in Volume 15 of the Elgar Complete Edition, published by the Elgar Society.