Everyday Rather Live in Classic Eras

Classical music instead of banned Mosquito device to deter gangs

France recently banned a Mosquito device used by shopkeepers to deter gangs from loitering on their premises. Due to the high frequencies emitted, the sounds could only be heard by young people. Stations in France now choose the classical music instead, they allow passengers to use the music, preferring classical pieces over other genres in the hope they might deter gangs of youths.

Stations on France’s A, J and L train lines have seen a drop in the number of gangs since the sounds of Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart have been heard on the platforms. The project, titled ‘Choisissez l’ambiance musicale de votre gare’ (Choose the background music at your station) aims to ‘restore order’ and get rid of people ‘squatting’, according to a blog from France’s state-owned railway, the SNCF.

“We will be broadcasting classical music in some stations in order to improve the atmosphere, and introduce people to art and culture,” an SNCF statement explained. “A trial period has shown that travellers value a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.”