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‘Chopin’ in front of Ukraine riot police

An unnamed pianist has been playing the works of Chopin in front of riot police in Ukraine.

Protesters have made a make-shift camp in the middle of Kiev’s main square as a reaction to Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych refusing to sign an integration pact with the European Union.

The pianist set up his piano in front of the armed police the day after protesters in Kiev brought down a statue of Lenin.

The man then played a Chopin piece for the assembled riot police, followed by a variety of folk and working songs and, according to Bereza’s Facebook profile, a rendition of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’.

The event is said to be part of the ‘Warm Ocean Strategy’ that is currently gaining momentum in Ukraine. It aims to protest in a peaceful manner during a time of political unrest in the country that has seen police and protesters clash on a number of occasions.