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Bang & Olufsen’s Immaculate Wireless Sound new speakers

Bang & Olufse’s new speakers  are all with a complete ‘Immaculate Wireless Sound’ range, designed to deliver everything from stereo to full 7.1-channel surround sound without cables connecting the speakers.

Using the new WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Sound Association) standard, the speakers can be used with the company’s BeoVision 11 television, now available with a wireless update, or with  WiSA-compliant products due to be launched by a wide range of other manufacturers.

The Bang & Olufsen development allows wireless and wired speakers to be combined, with no latency, up to a total of 20 channels in a TV system based around the BeoVision 11: two speakers in the TV, eight WiSA wireless channels and 10 more via the company’s wired PowerLink system.

WiSA allows those eight channels to be transmitted at up to 24-bit resolution and native sampling rates with no compression, using frequencies in the 5.2-5.8GHz band and intelligent channel-selection.

As well as the Wireless PowerLink system built into BeoVision 11 TVs in recent production, and set to be activated via a software upgrade, the company is also promising transmitter solutions to add on to existing systems, and what it describes as ‘matchbox -sized add-ons’ for its current active speakers to give wireless capability.