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The ABRSM reports a survey of learning/progression and teaching of musical instruments in UK

As a result of recent political- and sector-driven initiatives, such as the first National Plan for Music Education and the creation of music education hubs, more children than ever are now playing a wider variety of musical instruments: 76 per cent of UK children aged five to 14 say they ‘know how to play’ instruments compared to 41 per cent in 1999, and more people are now learning the electric guitar than the violin; technology is also having a significant impact on music-making.

However, sustained music education tends to be more prevalent in wealthier families, and there still remains 15 per cent of all five- to 17-year-olds who have never played a musical instrument. Moreover, the report also shows an uneven social and geographical picture in terms of access, provision and progression: 40 per cent of children from lower social grades said they had no opportunity to learn at school.