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£1795 Innovative Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoSound Moment system

Using a system called Intelligent PatternPlay, the £1795 BeoSound Moment analyses users’ listening patterns, memorises them, and uses this information to create a listening experience ‘both familiar and explorative’.

The company says that ‘Over time, BeoSound Moment will gradually start to know your taste in music, and be able to play what you most likely want to hear, without you even having to ask. Just like friendship, it only gets better with time.’

The music is drawn from your own locally-stored music collection and the online streaming service provided by Deezer, with access to more than 35 million tracks, and is controlled by a novel two-sided removable control panel/remote control, combining a MoodWheel selector and an innovative touch-sensitive oak panel.

The MoodWheel uses a colour gamut display ranging from blue (selecting a melancholic mood) through ‘passionate’ red to ‘energetic’ yellow. Touch the centre of the wheel and you get familiar music; move out toward one of the colour extremes and the system’s algorithms will select increasingly adventurous music suggestions.

On the wood side of the panel you get access to the automatic PatternPlay selections, Bang & Olufsen saying this is ‘designed for one-touch access to exactly the sound experience that fits your daily rhythm.