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Michael Nyman’s classic Chasing Pianos, Valentina Lisitsa

Posted on 27 April 2014 by admin

Chasing Pianos - The Piano Music Of Michael Nyman

Price: $13.20

4.8 out of 5 stars (14 customer reviews)

11 used & new available from $4.90

Of all the art forms to which Michael Nyman has turned his hand, film music is the one which reveals him most as a craftsman: it’s impossible to imagine The Draughtsman’s Contract without the prancing neo-Baroque fanfare which provides its sadistic edge. But this CD wrenches his film music from its original context and presents it as a series of piano pieces (a potentially risky strategy), with YouTube’s ‘most viewed’ pianist, Valentina Lisitsa, as its champion.

Nyman’s large scores are built out of blocks of texture and colour, and most of these very short pieces are individual blocks, each based on a simple formula – sometimes strident, more often winsome – which harmlessly noodles along. There are intermittent echoes of Chopin, Messiaen and, above all, Satie(though without the last-named composer’s laconic charm), but this music never achieves even the remotest surprise.

Lisitsa is a genuinely good pianist, and she does all she can to characterise each piece with a crisply evocative touch. For piano buffs, this CD will be mere background music, but for those wanting to recapture a whiff of The PianoCarrington and the Peter Greenaway classics, it will be a musical memory lane.

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Valentina Lisitsa: All Four Rachmaninov Piano Concertos On Decca

Posted on 09 March 2013 by admin

Rachmaninoff: The Piano Concertos

Valentina Lisitsa is a Ukrainian-born classicalpianist who resides in North Carolina. She was independently launching the beginnings of her career via social media.  After Signed to Decca Classics in the spring of 2012,  she recorded all four Rachmaninov piano concertos and the Paganini Rhapsody with the London Symphony Orchestra and Michael Francis. The  sound quality of this CDs is excellent, and Lisitsa’s playing is some fabulous! It actually became clear Valentina  Lisitsa is a serious artist!

Rachmaninoff: The Piano Concertos

Price: $21.90

4.5 out of 5 stars (81 customer reviews)

12 used & new available from $12.95

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