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Could you pick Stradivarius sound out in a blind test?

Posted on 21 April 2015 by admin

Could you pick Stradivarius sound out in a blind test? The Strad magazine staged one to find out.

Stradivarius violin

Earlier this month, The Strad magazine got the leader of the London Symphony Orchestra to play six different violins in a blind test – one of them being a legendary Stradivarius model from 1709.

Listen to the test below and see if you can work out which violin is the Stradivarius – you might be surprised…

The other violins that you can hear are an 1850 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, a 1923 Giuseppe Fiorini, a modern Del Gesù copy, a Mirecourt French trade violin from around 1900 and an 1835 A.S.P. Bernardel.

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The best quality of sound? Stradivarius exhibition to open in Oxford

Posted on 28 March 2013 by admin

A Stradivarius or Strad is one of the violins, cellos, and other stringed instruments built by members of the Stradivari (Stradivarius) family, particularlyAntonio Stradivari, during the 17th and 18th centuries. Of the 700 Stradivari instruments that survive,  a Stradivari violin known as ‘Lady Blunt’ was auctioned for charity last year and fetched £9.8m. The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford will hold the first major UK exhibition on the life and work of violin maker Antonio Stradivari,  the exhibition will showcase 20 from Stradivarius’s ‘Golden Period’ (1700–1720), some of which have never been displayed in public, there include ‘The Messiah’ violin (see above), the Viotti violin of 1709 and the ‘Batta-Piatigorsky’ cello of 1714. One gallery will be dedicated to a recreation of Stradivarius’s workshop with his original tools, wooden models and patterns on loan from the Museo Stradivariano in Cremona. Violinist James Ehnes will launch the exhbition with a gala concert on a number of Stradivarius instruments.  ‘Performing on a Stradivarius is a dream come true for a string player,’ someone said.

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