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Top 10 Bach recordings from Gramophone

Posted on 09 June 2014 by admin

Here are 10 works by Bach that are essential listening:

No 1

Orchestral Suites

Ensemble Sonnerie / Monica Huggett

‘“Orchestral Suites for a young prince” is what this release advertises, in reference to the fact…’

Orchestral Suites for a Young Prince

Price: $15.64

5.0 out of 5 stars (7 customer reviews)

26 used & new available from $8.98


No 2

Brandenburg Concertos

European Brandenburg Ensemble / Trevor Pinnock 

‘When Trevor Pinnock first recorded the Brandenburgs with the English…’


No 3

Violin Concertos

Daniel Hope; Chamber Orchestra of Europe

‘First impressions suggest a high-energy, tightly accented…’


No 4

Goldberg Variations

Glenn Gould (pf)

‘This truly astonishing performance was recorded in 1981, 26 years…

Bach: Goldberg Variations

Price: $9.98

4.0 out of 5 stars (109 customer reviews)

86 used & new available from $1.39


No 5


Trevor Pinnock

‘Hanssler’s eclectic approach to its ongoing complete Bach series…’

Bach: Six Partitas, BWV 825-830 (Edition Bachakademie Vol. 115)

Price: $16.99

4.0 out of 5 stars (12 customer reviews)

18 used & new available from $13.00


No 6

Cello Suites

Steven Isserlis

‘Though these two new recordings of the Bach Cello Suites sound rather different, reading the…’

Bach: The Cello Suites

Price: $38.65

3.7 out of 5 stars (16 customer reviews)

23 used & new available from $22.00


No 7

Well-tempered Clavier

Angela Hewitt 

‘Listening to Angela Hewitt’s latest thoughts on Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier alongside her…’

Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier

Price: $55.79

4.8 out of 5 stars (13 customer reviews)

25 used & new available from $34.75


No 8

Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas

Rachel Podger

‘As a matter of tactics disregarding the printed order of the works…’

No 9

Mass in B minor

Soloists; Dunedin Consort and Players / John Butt

‘There are few who strive sincerely to juxtapose the bedfellows…’

Bach: Mass in B Minor

Price: $95.86

4.1 out of 5 stars (13 customer reviews)

7 used & new available from $28.56


No 10

St Matthew Passion

Soloists; Arnold Schoenberg Choir; Concentus Musicus Wien / Nikolaus Harnoncourt

‘Harnoncourt has waited over…’

Bach, JS : St Matthew Passion [2001]

Price: $9.49

3.3 out of 5 stars (8 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $9.49

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Bigger Bach Set,about 300 collections more than 14 hours of Bach, Amazon now $0.99

Posted on 30 March 2013 by admin

This is a very  nicely organized and comprehensive collection of Bach’s work. Only $0.99, truly a great buy. It’s 14 hours of Bach, recorded from 1950 to the mid 1970s. The Bigger Bach Set includes the most extensive single release of the Bach Guild recordings of Bach’s cantatas yet released. Since the Bach Guild was founded in 1950 with the purpose of recording all of Bach’s cantatas, that goal runs through the label, and through the branches of the tree of artists and engineers that the early founders of The Bach Guild worked with.  Seymour Solomon never came close to his goal of recording all of Bach’s cantatas – but this goal was achieved by the European label that was started by the first Viennese employees of Vanguard, including Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Gustav Leonhardt. This “Bigger Bach Box” contains the St. Matthew’s Passion in its entirety (78 tracks), and more…Track 1: BWV 903; Track 2: BWV 948; Tracks 3-5: BWV 971; Tracks 6-11: BWV 992; Track 12: BWV 106; Track 13: BWV 911; Tracks BWV 14-19: 814 Tracks BWV 20-26: BWV 815; Tracks 27-33: BWV 140; Tracks 34-40: BWV 4; Tracks 41-46: BWV 122; Tracks 47-52: BWV 133; Tracks 53-64: BWV 243; Tracks 65-68: BWV 1014; Tracks 69-72: BWV 1015; Tracks 73-76: BWV 1016; Tracks 77-80: BWV 1017; Tracks 81-84: BWV 1019; Tracks 85-89: BWV 1019; Tracks 90-167: BWV 244 (Matthew’s Passion); Tracks 168-170: BWV 1032; Tracks 171-173: BWV 1020; Tracks 174-177: BWV 1013; Tracks 178-181: BWV 1035; Tracks 182-183: BWV 1033; Tracks 184-187: BWV 1034; Tracks 188-196: BWV 202; Tracks 197-201: BWV 209; Tracks 202-205: BWV 51; Tracks 206-213: BWV 80; Tracks 214-224: BWV 11; Tracks 225-256: BWV 988; Tracks 257-267: BWV 249; Track 268: BWV 50; Tracks 269-279: BWV 70; Track 280: BWV 53; Track 281: BWV ; Track 282: BWV 54; Track 283: BWV 244; Track 284: BWV 55; Tracks 285-286: BWV 54 Track 287: BWV 248; Track 288-293: BWV 169.

Bigger Bach Set

Price: $2.99

4.5 out of 5 stars (70 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $2.99

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Handel, Alceste, Chandos Recordings

Posted on 13 March 2013 by admin

Handel never performed his music for Alceste, he characteristically found plenty of practical uses for it. He adapted several sinfonias, choruses, and arias to form the majority of the music for The Choice of Hercules, and several other numbers were later used in revivals of Belshazzar and Alexander Balus.

In Alceste, Admetus, the terminally ill King of Thessaly, is promised by Apollo that he can defer his premature death if another person volunteers to die in his place. Alcestis, the beloved wife of Admetus, bravely sacrifices herself to die in his place. The hero Hercules visits his grieving friend Admetus, resolves to travel to Hades, overpowers Pluto, returns Alcestis to the world of the living, and restores her to Admetus…

Handel: Alceste

Price: $8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars (1 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $8.99

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Marquis Classics: Homage to the Old Master-Sonatas for Keyboard, Anya Alexeyev plays Carlos Seixas.

Posted on 18 February 2013 by admin

Homage to the Old Master- Sonatas for Keyboard by Carlos Seixas

Carlos Seixas (1704 – 1742) was an eminent Portuguese composer. He succeeded his father as organist in 1718 at age fourteen, From then he dazzled listeners with brilliant keyboard skills, and his creative output eventually surpassed 700 works. Much of his work was destroyed in the earthquake  in 1755, only three orchestral pieces and around 100 keyboard sonatas survived, plus a handful of choral works for liturgical use . Since the second half of the twentieth century his music has been enjoying a revival. Seixas displays inventiveness and wit in the characters, forms, and textures of hi s sonatas. From flamboyant to deeply expressive, contemplative to fiery, they encompass a wide array of moods and emotions, and have the rare quality of speaking directly to the heart. This music is full of surprises. It never fails to delight the listener. Seixas’s music is brimming with joy of life and vigour, a pure delight in which to immerse oneself.

Homage to the Old Master: Sonatas for Keyboard

Price: $16.99

(0 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $16.99

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